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Post CROI 2018 – Milano

di Luca Negri
Post CROI 2018 - Milano
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21/03/2018 10:00 - 18:00
Hotel Michelangelo - Milano
Address: Via Domenico Scarlatti, 33, 20124 Milano MI, Italia

Post CROI 2018 - Milano

The fourth edition of the POST CROI Conference remains to offer a platform of knowledge and discussion to those who normally have not the opportunity to participate, in person, to the important American event, which annually selects and discusses the scientific cutting-edge themes regarding Retroviruses and related Opportunistic Infections.

Post CROI 2018 - Milano

Our Convention stands as a valid and reliable opportunity to explore duly, with the mediation of the authoritative contributions of experts the most important news and progressions of research emerged from the sections selected by the scientific committee of CROI. We intended thus to respond to all wishes and solicitations addressed to the organizers from the participants who attended the previous editions.

They widely expressed in fact their appreciation on the high scientific quality of the critical explorations proposed in real time of the news and controversies arisen during the US Retrovirus Conference.

The promoter of our POST CROI initiatives, MISI Foundation, is aware of and encourages the increasing interest met by the event among young clinicians and postgraduates normally involved in HIV related preventive and clinical activities. The presence in the faculty of many international experts allows to analyze with realistic awareness the credibility of what is essentially the elective goal of our initiative: the prospective elimination of endemoepidemic of HIV, optimal management of co-infections and related co-morbidities through education, prevention and the broader and differentiated commitment on the current antiviral therapies.

Post CROI: Questo corso è stato accreditato per le seguenti professioni:


MEDICO CHIRURGO (allergologia ed immunologia clinica; dermatologia e venereologia; epidemiologia; farmacologia e tossicologia clinica; gastroenterologia; igiene, epidemiologia e sanità pubblica; malattie infettive; medicina interna; medicina legale; microbiologia e virologia, patologia clinica)

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