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Dal sito NAM AidsMap le nuove edizioni: The basics

di Neptune 17 febbraio 2017
Dal sito NAM AidsMap le nuove edizioni: The basics

Dal sito NAM AidsMap le nuove edizioni: The basics.

NAM ha recentemente aggiornato 22 titoli della sua serie di opuscoli informativi, The basics che forniscono un’introduzione semplice e facilmente comprensibile ai concetti chiave riguardanti l’HIV tramite l’ausilio di immagini per semplificare la complessa somministrazione di informazioni sanitarie.

Gli argomenti trattati nelle versione aggiornate del Nam includono il trattamento, la trasmissione e la prevenzione dell’HIV, approfondimenti sugli stili di vita salutari, funzionamento dell’HIV, preparazione al test dell’HIV, monitoraggio delle condizioni di salute, trasmissione di epatite C e tubercolosi.



The basics è consultabile su aidsmap.com

FONTE: aidsmap.com

Introducing The basics

There is a need for HIV information materials that explain key health messages in a straightforward, accessible way.

These leaflets have been designed to communicate visually, using images to draw people in and to illustrate the key points. Creating a new visual language has enabled us to break down complex information and present it simply and memorably.

The series covers the basic information that people with HIV need to understand about their condition and treatment. It is intended to support discussions between healthcare professionals and people living with HIV.

People with HIV and people working in the HIV sector have shaped the content by giving feedback, sharing their knowledge and taking part in research.

All 26 titles have been awarded the Crystal Mark by the Plain English Campaign.

Using The basics

Each leaflet focuses on a few key facts, and uses simple language and pictures to bring the information to life. The leaflets are designed to be used as part of a discussion between a healthcare professional or advocate and a person with HIV. The leaflets can then act as a reminder of the key points discussed.

Each leaflet can be discussed in more or less detail, depending on need. Professionals will use their experience and judgement to decide which points to elaborate on, and to assess when it is appropriate to provide other written material.

Copies of the leaflets in The basics series are available through NAM’s patient information scheme. Please call 020 7837 6988 or email info@nam.org.uk for details.


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